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Speak Up With Speak Safe
Estimated Ship Date of Feb 2021
Voice Amplification

Speak Safe brings communication and comfort back into an era where face masks have become the new normal. Regular masks reduce your speaking volume by 3 to 4 decibels and N95 masks reduce your voice by up to 12 decibels. Our mask generates a 6-10 decibel increase so hearing someone with a mask on will be a problem of the past. A 10 decibel increase creates a 2x difference to the human ear!


2x Louder Than Standard Mask

10 Decibel Voice Increase

Micro USB Charging


Removable Amplifier

10 Hour Standby Time

4 Hour Talk Time


Machine Washable Mask

Optional PM 2.5 Filters

3 Layer Mask Design

Speak Safe combines a comfortable, breathable design with safety and convenience of a standard mask. Our mask includes an embedded microphone and speaker that amplifies your voice to make sure you’re heard clearly while practicing social distancing. See Disclaimer for additional important information

Estimated Ship Date of Feb 2021
Keep Communication Alive

The microphone’s voice amplification qualities reduce the need to pull down your mask while also allowing you to be heard clearly behind acrylic glass barriers.This technology is perfect for work conferences, public speakers, teachers and anyone who needs to speak clearly and confidently while still wearing a mask.

Custom Orders

Custom Branding

Customize Speak Safe with your own brand or company's logo. Keep communication alive while getting more brand exposure for your company.

Bulk Orders

Speak Safe bulk orders allow you to make the most out of our masks by promoting your brand and healthy protocols all at once.

Corporate Inquiries

Speak Safe is ideal for hospitality, schools, convenience stores, small and large businesses and so much more.